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What is Breeze Scoring?
Breeze Scoring is a fully integrated online registration and scoring platform for CrossFit/Weightlifting competitions.
How does it work?
We have a Registration AND Scoring option, and a Scoring option only. If you want to set up Registration and Scoring for your event, simply click the big blue button on the homepage that says "I want to create event" or click HERE - http://www.breezescoring.com/my_event.php. You can easily set it up yourself or we can help you! Simply email info@breezescoring.com for help.

We also have a Scoring only package, where we can set up only Scoring for your event. WE set this up for you and provide you a turnkey solution so all you have to do is enter scores for the actual event. We handle everything else!
What are your prices?
All pricing information can be found at http://www.breezescoring.com/pricing.
Why Breeze Scoring? What makes you different from the others?
We have been around since 2011 and scored literally hundreds and hundreds of competitions. This platform was built by competitive CrossFitters, not computer programmers. We have MANY different scoring options and other key features to fit all kinds of events. Our platform is very easy to use and very effective and extremely flexible. We understand things change sometimes and our platform is built to handle any kind of change at any time. It is mobile friendly so athletes and spectators can easily view from ANY device.

We also have run over 30 competitions ourselves so we can offer plenty of free advice along the way. For events that require more in depth services, we also offer Event Consulting services that include many levels of planning and marketing. Email info@breezescoring.com with any questions or interest regarding these services.
How does payment work?
Since registration is hosted on our site, we collect the funds. As long as we have collected the funds, we can pre-pay you money to help offset your event costs- such as venue, shirts, marketing, etc. We can send an ACH, PayPal, Check, or other options upon requests.
Can Athletes/Volunteer set up profiles so they can edit or change their information?
YES! Athletes/Volunteers create profiles when they register and can easily go back in and change information on their own.
Can I easily access Athletes/Teams/Volunteered signed up?
YES! There is an "Downloads" button that will allow you to easily export the data to an Excel spreadsheet.
Can I create coupon codes for competitors?
YES! You can easily create 'dollar off' or '% off' coupons from your admin panel.

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